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WELCOME to UNABRIDGED ~ CHRISTOPHER MELONI ONLINE @ christopher-meloni.org, your largest source for all things Chris related on the web. Best known for his long-running role as Detective Elliot Stabler on LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT and for Prisoner #98K514 Christopher Keller on HBO's OZ, Chris's long resume includes playing the starring role on the FOX comedy SURVIVING JACK, recently reprising his role of Gene on the Netflix comedy WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER: NEXT DAY OF CAMP, Roman Zimojic on HBO's TRUE BLOOD. Chris also has some impressive films to his credit including WHITE BIRD IN A BLIZZARD, SMALL TIME, MAN OF STEEL, 42 and has also starred in TWELVE MONKEYS, BOUND, THE SOULER OPPOSITE, WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER and two HAROLD & KUMAR films. This site includes an extensive filmography, biography, press section, gallery and much more.
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Michael Showalter on “Wet Hot American Summer” Prequel
christopher meloni online    December 15, 2012    0 comments

There’s a bit of news on the prequel to Chris’ film WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER prequel. Director/writer Michael Showalter had this to say on the film:

Michael Showalter dishes on ‘Wet Hot American Summer’ prequel

Michael Showalter, one of the writers and stars of 2001′s cult favorite Wet Hot American Summer, confirmed in February that a sequel was in the works. Now, in an appearance yesterday on Geeking Out with Kerri Doherty, he teased some details about the new film, Slashfilm reports.

Dec 14 2012 12:28 PM ET

Michael Showalter dishes on ‘Wet Hot American Summer’ prequel
by Josh Stillman
Camp Firewood fans, get ready for even more bbq sauce.

Michael Showalter, one of the writers and stars of 2001′s cult favorite Wet Hot American Summer, confirmed in February that a sequel was in the works. Now, in an appearance yesterday on Geeking Out with Kerri Doherty, he teased some details about the new film, Slashfilm reports. Watch the video after the jump.

“It’s six months to a year earlier than when the original movie was, except that the actors playing those characters are 10 years older,” he said.

That would mean that 40-year-old actors are portraying teenaged camp counselors, but who’s counting?

A little background: Wet Hot American Summer was made for a paltry $1.8 million, but when it hit theaters in July 2001, it earned an even paltry-er $300,000. Despite the dismal box office performance (and critical reception), it has since developed a fervent cult following and is considered by many to be an under-appreciated comedy masterpiece. Not to mention several members of its cast — Amy Poehler, Bradley Cooper, Elizabeth Banks, Paul Rudd — have gone on to Hollywood stardom.

What’s even better news for the prequel is that many of the original stars — Rudd, Banks, Christopher Meloni, Janeane Garofalo, and David Hyde Pierce – told EW last year that they’re on board for a second installment.


This film sounds just as nutty as the first did. I’m really looking forward to seeing this. Further updates as they come.

Let’s hope at least that they all show up on time.

CHARACTERS FILM Gene Wet Hot American Summer

“Wet Hot American Summer” Prequel Planned
christopher meloni online    August 7, 2012    0 comments

According to Digital Spy, there is a planned prequel to WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER in the planning stages. Chris has stated he’s game to reprise his role of Gene in the film. More refrigerator humping and backside baring and bean can talking. I’m game.

‘Wet Hot American Summer’ prequel set for January production start?

The Wet Hot American Summer prequel will reportedly production in early 2013, it has been revealed.

Rumors of a possible follow-up film began circulating in June 2011, after director David Wain expressed interest in reuniting the cast of the 2001 cult comedy.

Stars of the original film including Amy Poehler, Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Banks and Christopher Meloni all spoke out in support of the project and vowed to reprise their original roles should it come to pass.

30 Rock actor Judah Friedlander revealed a possible start date for the Wet Hot American Summer prequel in a recent interview with Columbus Alive when questioned about his own future projects.

“I’ve been told that they’re making the prequel to Wet Hot American Summer and that I’m going to be in that,” Friedlander told the publication. “I don’t know any firm start dates, but I heard it might be happening in January.”

Poehler has called the original Wet Hot American Summer “an amazing experience to be part of”, while Banks touted it as “one of the most original things” she’d ever read.


Christopher Meloni animation from 'Wet Hot American Summer' as Gene.


Christopher Meloni Added to “They Came Together” Comedy
christopher meloni online    June 23, 2012    0 comments

This just in, Chris has joins the cast of a film called THEY CAME TOGETHER starring Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler. More below the cut.

Christopher Meloni Joins THEY CAME TOGETHER

Although he’s currently playing a big bad vampire on HBO’s True Blood, Christopher Meloni is now set to play a big, bad CEO in David Wain’s rom-com spoof, They Came Together. The picture reunites the Wet Hot American Summer director with stars Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler. Poehler’s character runs a small knick-knack shop that is about to go out of business thanks to Rudd’s company. THR reports that Meloni will star as Rudd’s boss, the CEO of CorporateCo Coporation and Co, Inc. Written by Wain and Michael Showalter, the picture plans to wrap up casting and shoot this July. They Came Together also stars Ed Helms, Michael Ian Black, Jason Mantzoukas, Cobie Smulders and Noureen DeWulf.


Looks like Chris will be reuniting with may of his WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER cast members. If this is anything like that film and the part is anything like Gene, Chris will be hilarious.

CHARACTERS FILM Gene They Came Together Wet Hot American Summer

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