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WELCOME to UNABRIDGED ~ CHRISTOPHER MELONI ONLINE @ christopher-meloni.org, your largest source for all things Chris related on the web. Best known for his long-running role as Detective Elliot Stabler on LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT and for Prisoner #98K514 Christopher Keller on HBO's OZ, Chris's long resume includes playing the starring role on the FOX comedy SURVIVING JACK, recently reprising his role of Gene on the Netflix comedy WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER: NEXT DAY OF CAMP, Roman Zimojic on HBO's TRUE BLOOD. Chris also has some impressive films to his credit including WHITE BIRD IN A BLIZZARD, SMALL TIME, MAN OF STEEL, 42 and has also starred in TWELVE MONKEYS, BOUND, THE SOULER OPPOSITE, WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER and two HAROLD & KUMAR films. This site includes an extensive filmography, biography, press section, gallery and much more.
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Christopher Meloni To Host Broadway Charity Event
christopher meloni online    October 23, 2012    0 comments

Just got this as a news alert. Chris is slated to host a Broadway charity event to honour Ian McKellan and others.

Ian McKellen and More Honored at Make Believe on Broadway Gala, Hosted by Christopher Meloni

Matthew Broderick, Norm Lewis, Ashley Brown, Adrienne Warren and Jay Armstrong Johnson are among the special guests who will appear at Make Believe on Broadway, the 13th annual gala event by charity organization Only Make Believe on November 5. Law & Order: SVU actor Chris Meloni will host the event, which honors celebrity supporters Ian McKellen, Guy Chiarello and Petra Nemcova, at the Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre.

Directed by Joe DiPietro, the evening will feature performances by Broderick, Lewis, Brown, Warren, Johnson, the New York City Gay Men’s Chorus, Broadway Kids Care, David Bryan, Derrick Brown, John Eric Parker, Seth Rudetsky, Antoine L. Smith, Ken Robinson, Moya Angela, Alysha Umphress, Stephanie Gibson, Marla Mindelle, Jason Michael Snow and Trevon Davis.

The event will benefit Only Make Believe, a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing theater to children with chronic illnesses and disabilities. The charity was established in 1999 by Dena Hammerstein, daughter-in-law of Broadway legend Oscar Hammerstein.


CHRISTOPHER MELONI Event Law & Order: Special Victims Unit TELEVISION

Christopher Meloni’s Favourite SVU Episodes – Behind The Scenes
christopher meloni online    October 21, 2012    0 comments

I found this video with Chris and thought I’d share. Chris shares his favourite SVU episodes. The ones he chose aren’t my favourites. I think I’d have to pick Execution from season three, Shaken from season five and Underbelly from season eight. If you have any you particularly liked, share with the rest of us.


CHARACTERS CHRISTOPHER MELONI Det. Elliot Stabler Law & Order: Special Victims Unit TELEVISION

Not In The Cards
christopher meloni online    October 6, 2012    0 comments

A little blurb I found on Chris. Read on.

Not In The Cards

When former “Law & Order: SVU” star Christopher Meloni was spotted dining at Mario Batali’s Babbo in the West Village with an executive producer of the NBC series and co-star Dann Florek, rabid fans were left hoping Meloni might be returning to the cop drama as a guest. But while spies say the group was “good-spirited,” a rep for Meloni told us the actor isn’t hammering out any work on the series, saying, “He was just catching up with good friends.”


CHARACTERS Det. Elliot Stabler Law & Order: Special Victims Unit TELEVISION

Ask Ausiello on Chris’ ‘Possible’ Return To SVU
christopher meloni online    October 4, 2012    1 comment

Apparently the reports of Chris’ return to LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT continue to swirl. Someone asked Michael Ausiello at his TVGUIDE Online site whether Chris has any plans on returning. This is what he had to say…more below the cut…..

Question: Any news about Chris Meloni possibly making an appearance on Law & Order: SVU this season? I need him to come back! – Susan
Ausiello: Sad to say, the chances of Stabler making a return to the unit don’t look good. Though Meloni told me he was “open to all possibilities” regarding the long-running procedural, SVU showrunner Warren Leight tells TVLine’s Kimberly Roots, “I don’t know that [Meloni] actually wants to come back,” adding, “I haven’t heard discussion of it from either him or the network.” Leight acknowledges that when the actor’s contract negotiations broke down last year, “Clearly, the separation wasn’t handled well. In an ideal world, if someone who’s been on your show for 12 years is leaving, you arc him out.” Now that some time has passed, “I think everyone, in hindsight, wonders if they could’ve handled that departure differently,” Leight allows. “But it’s hard to imagine an episode that would fix it.”


In other words what Leight is actually saying is there is no intention of bringing him back as long as Leight is in total denial about Chris’ contribution to the show. This is the exact same attitude Leight has taken towards fans of Chris’ former co-star Diane Neal regarding all the questions about bringing back ADA Casey Novak. Leight it appears seems to feel the need to put his foot in his mouth as far as the way Chris’ departure was handled. Of course he won’t acknowledge the obvious. He has his own ass to cover regarding his pet Danny Pino who is playing the same character he played on Leight’s former CBS show Cold Case, only under another name. So Vanilla Boy is placeholder for Stabler since apparently Amaro is getting the same kind of story Stabler got in terms of his relationship with his wife. Can anyone say redux of Kathy and Elliot? I can. And despite reports to the contrary, it was money and contracts that made Chris take a walk. That and could it be too Chris was fed up with being marginalized? I think so.

CHARACTERS CHRISTOPHER MELONI Det. Elliot Stabler Law & Order: Special Victims Unit TELEVISION

Tamara Tunie Official Facebook Page
christopher meloni online    October 4, 2012    0 comments

I’m posting this for a friend. Chris’ co-star from LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT Tamara Tunie who played Medical Examiner Melinda Warner has put up an official Facebook page. Please feel free to click the graphic below to go there and like her page. Tamara will be posting updates to her career and will interact with her fans.

Please visit Tamara Tunie's official Facebook page for updates and more.


Erin Broderick Becomes a Doctor
christopher meloni online    August 18, 2012    2 comments

Jeannette at Isabel Gillies has posted this about Chris’ on-screen daughter, Erin Broderick. More below the cut:

Former ‘Law & Order: SVU’ actress enrolls at LECOM

Erin Broderick has a few noteworthy credits to her name after spending about a decade as an actress.

The first major break for Broderick, now 26, was playing Patrick Swayze’s daughter in 1998’s “Black Dog,” and she is probably best known for a recurring role as Elliot Stabler’s daughter Maureen on “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.”

But her next role will be drastically different: medical student at Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Broderick came to Erie Sunday and plans to spend the next four years studying osteopathic medicine.

Broderick said she decided to pursue a career as a doctor for the same reason she enjoyed acting: She loves working with people.

“I really like connecting with people, and acting was a unique interaction,” Broderick said. “But I feel there is no more intimate relationship than between a patient and any clinician. You get to see people during a very vulnerable time in their lives.”

So she officially quit acting in 2008 to enroll in a pre-med, post-baccalaureate program at Columbia University.

Medicine seems to run in Broderick’s family.

When she was growing up in New Fairfield, Conn., both of her parents worked at a nearby hospital, her father as a doctor and her mother a nurse. Of her four siblings, one is a radiologist technician, another is in his final year at the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine, one is in a pre-med program and another is studying physical therapy.

But it wasn’t always apparent that she’d follow a similar path.

“I asked my mom to bring me to an audition in (New York City) for my birthday one year,” Broderick said. “I had no experience or anything. I was 10 years old.”

She ended up landing a job on a commercial at that first audition, and she was hooked.

Over the next 13 years, Broderick would work on films, commercials and soap operas, but her most stable and high-profile work was on “Law & Order: SVU.”

She said she maintains relationships from that show, including with Christopher Meloni, who played her on-screen father, and series creator Dick Wolf, who wrote two college recommendation letters on her behalf.

But eventually life as a young actress became too much.

“Doing it as an adult is a lot different from doing it as a kid,” Broderick said. “As a kid, it was all play and very fun. As an adult, it’s an extremely competitive business. It’s still fun, but you have to say, ‘there is a level of success I may never achieve.'”

She said a successful acting career often means just finding regular work, and that wasn’t enough for her to find fulfillment.

While Broderick was in college, she worked weekends as a nursing assistant, which inspired her to focus on medicine.

Her parents met her decision with a combination of surprise and happiness.

“At first they were like, ‘are you sure you want to do this?'” Broderick said. “But after I started school and proved I was serious, they were very supportive.”

Broderick said a number of things stood out about LECOM and Erie when she was applying for medical schools.

She said she appreciated the school’s holistic approach to medicine and the expectation that students will act and be treated as professionals. But she also saw Erie as a more affordable and slower-paced alternative to her life in New York City.

“And I mean that in the most positive way,” Broderick said. “I wanted to go somewhere with a calmer environment so I could focus on my studies.”

Broderick expects to graduate from LECOM in 2016, and she is not sure where she hopes to land long term. It could be in Erie or elsewhere, and it could be focused on things like health policy and access to health care in high poverty areas or HIV/AIDS patients.

But for now, she said, she’s excited, and a little nervous, about starting her studies.

“My brother sat me down before I left and told me about his first year of anatomy and physiology,” Broderick said. “He said, ‘you will never look at your body the same way again, because you’ll know the human body inside and out.’ That excited me so much.”


We here at UNABRIDGED congratulate Erin on her chosen path and look forward to hearing more about Dr. Broderick. That was so kind of Chris to write her a letter of recommendation. That’s our guy though.

CHARACTERS CHRISTOPHER MELONI Det. Elliot Stabler Law & Order: Special Victims Unit TELEVISION

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