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WELCOME to UNABRIDGED ~ CHRISTOPHER MELONI ONLINE @ christopher-meloni.org, your largest source for all things Chris related on the web. Best known for his long-running role as Detective Elliot Stabler on LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT and for Prisoner #98K514 Christopher Keller on HBO's OZ, Chris's long resume includes playing the starring role on the FOX comedy SURVIVING JACK, recently reprising his role of Gene on the Netflix comedy WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER: NEXT DAY OF CAMP, Roman Zimojic on HBO's TRUE BLOOD. Chris also has some impressive films to his credit including WHITE BIRD IN A BLIZZARD, SMALL TIME, MAN OF STEEL, 42 and has also starred in TWELVE MONKEYS, BOUND, THE SOULER OPPOSITE, WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER and two HAROLD & KUMAR films. This site includes an extensive filmography, biography, press section, gallery and much more.
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Happy 57th Birthday Chris
christopher meloni online    April 2, 2018    0 comments

On this day I’d like to wish Chris a Happy 57th Birthday. Take care Chris and here’s hoping you’re spending it with Sherman, Sophia and Dante. With all love from UNABRIDGED.


Happy 56th Birthday Chris From Unabridged
christopher meloni online    April 2, 2017    1 comment

Chris celebrates 56 years today. On behalf of UNABRIDGED I’d like to wish Chris all the happiness and joy the day can bring. He deserves all good thoughts. Take care Chris and have a blast.

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Chris’ Mom Cecile Has Passed Away
christopher meloni online    August 8, 2016    0 comments

We here at UNABRIDGED offer our sincere condolences to Chris at the passing of his beloved mother, Cecile. I know what this feels like having lost my mother just last year (May 2015). To Chris, his brother Robert, sister Michele, and to Chris’ wife Sherman and their children Sophia and Dante, I am so sorry for your loss.

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Chris SAG/AFTRA Conversation
christopher meloni online    July 27, 2016    0 comments

Chris gave an hour long talk with SAG/AFTRA Conversations. It was a really nice interview where he talks about his time on LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT as Det. Elliot Stabler, as well as many of his other characters. I have the full program as well as screencaps from it. Enjoy.


CHARACTERS CHRISTOPHER MELONI Det. Elliot Stabler Law & Order: Special Victims Unit TELEVISION

Interview With Chris About His Hometown
christopher meloni online    June 20, 2016    0 comments

Finally an interview with Chris where he’s not being asked about LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT and whether he’s returning as Stabler. In this interview Chris talks about his football days and growing up in Alexandria, Virginia. A good read.

Christopher Meloni Relives His High School Football Glory Days in Alexandria

Detective Stabler is a local!
By Amanda Whiting on June 20, 2016

Christopher Meloni is probably most recognizable for playing Detective Elliot Stabler for a dozen seasons of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Or maybe you know him as convicted murderer Chris Keller on HBO’s Oz. Or as the midriff-bearing cook in the cult film Wet Hot American Summer, a role he reprised in last year’s Netflix reboot. But if you were a St. Stephen’s School student in Alexandria in 1978, you likely remember him best as captain and quarterback of the undefeated football team. Here, he recalls his glory days.

What was it like to grow up in Alexandria?

I was born in DC. We moved out there when I was 11. We lived right off Seminary Road. I always thought of Alexandria as two places. One was very suburban, especially when you’re coming from DC—that’s a city to me. Downtown Alexandria was a different world. It was really cool, with a sense of history and our Colonial past. I’m more of an urban guy, which is probably why I liked Old Town so much.

Where did you hang out?

The Fish Market on the end of King Street, down on the waterfront. Then there was the Shed, I think it was called, where you could hear live music. Old Town was pretty cool, but it’s become far more polite. Back then, it was kind of rundown. That’s what kids always gravitate towards—edgy places. By the time I graduated, it had [undergone] a complete urban renewal. They made it for adults, not kids. We’d go into DC sometimes. Georgetown, basically. Behaving questionably in Georgetown.

You sound nostalgic for the way it used to be.

Oh yeah, I like run down. I love dilapidated. I think it’s the sense of edge and danger.

Is it true you’re in the St. Stephen’s Hall of Fame?

That’s true. The whole ’78 team is. I spoke for the team at the induction ceremony. The opening sentence of my speech was “It begins with the sound: the unmistakable click-clack of cleats on the asphalt as you make your way to the field.” And it ended with “The long shadows of November, as the weather turns cold and you end practice in the dark.” I liked it. I was very proud of that. That moment it time meant a lot to me. I knew I was going to be quarterback that season, but to be a captain and to go undefeated? That’s all I wanted. And I remember, once that happened, thinking: “I literally can do anything I put my mind to.” That’s how I felt. That’s how deeply that season affected me.

Any specific memories from the season?

My God, I remember every game vividly. The same team beat us my sophomore and junior years. So then we go back down to their place again, senior year. Friday-night lights in the drizzle, and we promptly fall behind 13 to nothing. I remember thinking, “Wait, wait, wait—this isn’t how this is written.” Almost as if the score was a mistake. We wound up beating them 41–21, and I’ll never forget the look on my coach’s face. Sleepy Thompson was a legendary guy in the area. I think he coached for almost 50 years.

Was there a big local rivalry?

We went up against one of our rivals, St. Alban’s, and by the time we met up we were both undefeated, 5 and 0. And this was trumped up as “This is it. Whoever wins this will win the division.” We just beat them senseless. It was devastating. By the second quarter, we were looking at each other going, “Do you want to go home?” We crushed them. I almost felt bad for them. I remember it like it was yesterday. I remember almost every play and I don’t remember anything. From 1979, almost 40 years ago. I can’t tell you how much it hurt just to say that.

Have you come home for your high school reunions?

I have. It was interesting. You look in everyone’s face and you realize, “Oh, you’re an echo. This is how time ripples.” And these ripples change us. We get old through these ripples. That’s the image I just kept having. I knew all these people in high school, and I had this image: that’s when the pebble hit the water. I knew you when you were 15. And now I’m looking at you and we’re 40. Some people get fat and don’t take care of themselves, others are just blossoming, finding themselves. It’s just weird.

Did you do theater in high school?

No, but my sister did a performance at a local theater in Alexandria. It was a really bawdy play, and it was fantastic. I took some acting classes in college, had the nerve to think I might be okay at it, and went to New York and learned how to act there. That’s my roadmap.

Do you have any favorite TV shows or movies set in DC?

Veep (Meloni guest starred as Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ character’s personal trainer). I love it. I love them. They’re so much fun to work with.

Do you come back to Old Town often?

Not as much as I’d like to. That’s a normal lament, but I was just down there a couple months back to visit my mother and my sister. My family is in the area. I appreciate Old Town. I do the King Street stroll.


CHARACTERS CHRISTOPHER MELONI Det. Elliot Stabler Law & Order: Special Victims Unit TELEVISION

Chris again talks about a possible return to LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT as our favourite sex crimes detective Elliot Stabler. Once again Chris doesn’t leave out the possibility, however, he won’t return for the long term. He’s still saying he’s open for a return for a half season wrap up of Stabler’s character. The one thing here is that his show UNDERGROUND has been renewed for a second season, so the possibility of his returning to Stabler for anything more than a short stay is iffy. Considering too that season 13-17 showrunner Warren Leight is departing and his disrespect for the character of Stabler has been evident in his need to push the character of Benson (Mariska Hargitay) to the fore despite the fact her character was the one with the least possible interest despite that ridiculous NBC driven “most liked/trusted/pimped” character on television… This in this author’s opinion, but for me Stabler has always been the most interesting character, of course I’m a bit biased considering I’m a huge Christopher Meloni fan….hence the existence of this site, but for me Hargitay/Benson has always been the weakest part of this show, her and Fin (Ice-T). I always felt that Stabler, Casey Novak played by the always wonderful Diane Neal, the short term character of Dani Beck played by Connie Nielsen, and the disgustingly treated character of Chester Lake played by Native Canadian actor Adam Beach.

How Christopher Meloni Feels About A Possible Return To Law & Order: SVU

We’re currently in one of the most hectic times of the TV year, as networks are dishing out cancellations and renewals like crazy, and new shows are coming together while current favorites are putting their season finales out there. But all this chaos hasn’t distracted us from our big bag of TV wishes, and one of the bigger ones in there involves seeing Christopher Meloni returning to the insanely popular Law & Order: SVU as the formidable former NYPD detective Elliot Stabler. The actor makes it sound like that would definitely happen, too, if certain other parties would just ask him to do it.

I just recently was talking about that. [Pause] I always presented that I’d be open to doing the last few episodes, so that’s really all I have to say about that. It’s not up to me, I’ll just say that. I’ve said my piece on it.

So, not only does it sound like Christopher Meloni would almost immediately grab a tie and shave whatever beard he happened to be sporting so that he could reprise his most memorable small screen role, but it seems like he’s a little perturbed that his agreeing to come back has apparently landed on deaf or uninterested ears. Or at least hit some ears that aren’t too invested in worrying about it just yet with this season’s final two episodes still left to air.

After all, Meloni told EW that he’d be down with acting in the final few episodes of the series, which hearkens back to how the rumors of his return started in the first place. Before NBC decided to renew Law & Order: SVU for Season 18, it seemed likely that Season 17 would be the last one, and showrunner Warren Leight had mentioned in an interview that his plans for the final season included talking to Christopher Meloni about going full metal Stabler. But those conversations apparently never really happened after the renewal, though that doesn’t imply one way or the other that they won’t indeed occur when it’s clear that SVU is going through its last year on NBC.

I expect a lot of fan-pleasing things will happen during that final season, with returning characters and other ways of looking back, and Stabler and Benson’s relationship had better get a fitting resolution when the time comes. Of course, I’d be totally down with Meloni reprising Stabler in Law & Order’s upcoming true crime anthology series. Does it matter that Stabler isn’t actually a real detective? Not to me. I’d be fine with Stabler hosting Wheel of Fortune, so it probably makes sense why I’m not in charge of anything.

With its current batch of non-Stablers getting ready to meet a Brad Garrett’s latest turn as a bad guy, Law & Order: SVU will air its two-part Season 17 finale over the next two Wednesday nights on NBC.


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