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WELCOME to UNABRIDGED ~ CHRISTOPHER MELONI ONLINE @ christopher-meloni.org, your largest source for all things Chris related on the web. Best known for his long-running role as Detective Elliot Stabler on LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT and for Prisoner #98K514 Christopher Keller on HBO's OZ, Chris's long resume includes playing the starring role on the FOX comedy SURVIVING JACK, recently reprising his role of Gene on the Netflix comedy WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER: NEXT DAY OF CAMP, Roman Zimojic on HBO's TRUE BLOOD. Chris also has some impressive films to his credit including WHITE BIRD IN A BLIZZARD, SMALL TIME, MAN OF STEEL, 42 and has also starred in TWELVE MONKEYS, BOUND, THE SOULER OPPOSITE, WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER and two HAROLD & KUMAR films. This site includes an extensive filmography, biography, press section, gallery and much more.
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“Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” Canadian OMNI2 Promo
christopher meloni online    August 10, 2012    0 comments

There is a television station here in Canada that airs LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT weeknights at 7:00 PM. Tonight while watching something else they played this promo. Because I have a PVR I was able to rewind and get the recording device I use to record things off the television onto my compurter fired up. Sorry the caps aren’t larger but I wanted to keep the integrity of the images sooner than blow the pixels. Enjoy.


CHARACTERS CHRISTOPHER MELONI Det. Elliot Stabler Law & Order: Special Victims Unit TELEVISION

Chris On Roman’s Fate and A Possible “SVU” Return
christopher meloni online    July 20, 2012    0 comments

Chris said at the recent Comic Con that his TRUE BLOOD character Roman Zimojic is indeed dead. Russell (Denis O’Hare) did pretty much stake him resulting in the ‘true death’ for our Authority member. However, one interesting tidbit coming out is that he is entertaining returning to LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT. Here is what he said, more below the cut:

True Blood Spoilers: Is Christopher Meloni, Roman Really Dead? Will He Come Back To SVU?

When the cast of True Blood announced last weekend that there will be DEATHS this season, I certainly didn’t expect it’d be Roman (Chris Meloni)! The actor confirmed with TVLine that Roman IS dead. As for SVU…

Det. Elliot Stabler could possibly return to NBC’s “Law & Order: SVU” at some point in the future. Christopher Meloni says that he would be open to reprise his role which he played for 12 years alongside Mariska Hargitay.

Meloni, who left the show after the May 2011 finale, said that he would be up for returning if only for the fans’ sake. “The fans really got the rug pulled out from under them,” he says. “I am absolutely very empathetic about that; I get it.”

But don’t get too excited yet because Meloni and NBC haven’t actually discussed anything yet.

“No one has approached me or anything like that,” he added. “But I’m open to all possibilities. I love those people, I love the actors, it was a magnificent ride. I’ll cross that bridge when it comes.”

We’ll keep all our fingers crossed on this.


I do know there are three Facebook pages dedicated to Chris/Elliot coming back. They are:

Keep Christopher Meloni On SVU

We Want Elliot Stabler Back On SVU

Bring Chris Meloni Back to SVU

I’m thinking there has been a lot of pressure on @DickWolf and @WarrenLeight about the sad state of the show since Chris left and Leight fired all the writers. If you are a fan of the show and of Chris, keep up the pressure. Make these idiots see how valuable Chris was to this show. Let them know who the “Real Star” of the show was. I’m also finding it interesting that with the current Emmy nominations where for the first time Mariska Hargitay failed to nab a nom, this is telling on the show.

CHARACTERS CHRISTOPHER MELONI Det. Elliot Stabler Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Roman Zimojic TELEVISION True Blood

Joan Van Ark On Chris
christopher meloni online    July 18, 2012    0 comments

I watch the new DALLAS with Mitch Pileggi who starred in two episodes of Chris’ show LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT, well there is an interview with former Knots Landing heroine Joan Van Ark who played the character of Valene Ewing. She recently answered questions for some fans of the show in which she said this about Chris: [ more below the cut ]

Knotsfan 61618 wants to know: “With regards to leaving Knots Landing after Season 14, I have always wondered about that and what exactly happened. Did you know that you were going to leave the show after Season 13 or did you only not come back after you got the Spin Doctors pilot? In your Lifetime Intimate Portrait special, it said that you finished season 13 knowing it would be your last, but I didn’t think that was true. If you hadn’t got the Spin Doctors pilot, would you have stayed for the last season since it was the last one? Also, when they had Val die in the car explosion, did they know she wasn’t going to be dead after all in the last episode or were they planning to really have her die?”

Joan: “That’s a tricky question because after that last season which I remember so vividly because Michele was directing our season finale for that year, I was asked to come over and read for this new NBC pilot called ‘Spin Doctors’. Now when I read this script, I was like “Oh my God” because they had Chris Meloni, who had already been cast”

Bob: “Oh I know him. That’s Elliott from Law & Order?”

Joan: “Yes that’s him, and he is absolutely magnificent and I knew of him plus the character itself was about a thousand miles away from Valene Ewing. So the actress in me went on fire and I raced over to Burbank to the NBC studios, gave a quick audition, then spun back to Knots Landing, to the set thinking “That’ll be the last I ever hear of that”. However it turned out that they, I guess, loved it and wanted me etc. Now around the same time, there were also rumors everywhere that Knots Landing was on its last season and wasn’t going to get picked up again.


All I can say is I like. Thank you Joan.

CHARACTERS CHRISTOPHER MELONI Det. Elliot Stabler Law & Order: Special Victims Unit TELEVISION

“True Blood” E5X06 – Hopeless Media
christopher meloni online    July 17, 2012    0 comments

Here finally is the media for Chris’ last episode of TRUE BLOOD. So sorry this is late in coming. My mother comes home from the hospital on Friday and I’ve had a lot of preparation in advance of that. Also I’m sure most of you know I had the homepage of the media site hacked. I’ve replaced it and informed my host of that attack. Here’s hoping the bastard is caught. I’m tired of this.

So, what do we think of what happened to our favourite Authority head? Does anyone truly believe Roman has met with the True Death? Chris has been saying in interviews he was glad it was Denis O’Hare (Russell Edgington) who did it. Considering their prior working relationship on LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT‘s first season episode The Third Guy. I personally don’t think we’ve seen the end of Roman Zimojic. And what did we think of Salome’s (Valentina Cervi) tear?


CHARACTERS CHRISTOPHER MELONI Det. Elliot Stabler E5X06 - Hopeless Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Roman Zimojic Season 05 TELEVISION True Blood

Chris in “E! True Hollywood Story” Mariska Hargitay
christopher meloni online    July 15, 2012    0 comments

I’ll have tonight’s episode of TRUE BLOOD up sometime later tomorrow night. I’ll be at the hospital with my mom till late and I still have to convert the clip. Judging by past weeks looks like it’ll be much later tomorrow or earlier Tuesday. Please be patient. Until I can get that up, I’ll give you a portion of E! True Hollywood Story: Mariska Hargitay where Chris talked about the show and Mariska. I didn’t include the whole show because this isn’t a Mariska Hargitay site. If you really want to view it all, you can go to Youtube and look it up.


CHARACTERS CHRISTOPHER MELONI Det. Elliot Stabler Law & Order: Special Victims Unit TELEVISION True Blood

Would Christopher Meloni Return to “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”
christopher meloni online    July 14, 2012    0 comments

This is a question Chris was asked recently at the TRUE BLOOD panel at Comic Con.

Would Christopher Meloni Ever Return to SVU?

Stabler and Benson, together again? Maybe for one episode.

During the True Blood panel Saturday at Comic-Con, Christopher Meloni said that he might be willing to return to Law & Order: SVU for the eventual series finale.

“I’m always willing to consider. I had 12 great years on the show. I loved the people and I loved that character,” Meloni said in response to a fan question after some hesitation. “There’s no bad blood there. We’ll just see when it comes. It’s still doing OK, I guess.”

Meloni left the long-running procedural in 2011 after contract negotiations fell apart. SVU will return for its 14th season Wednesday, Sept. 26 at 9/8c.

Are you excited at the prospect of Meloni returning to SVU?


Personally, I’d love to see him return for say a half a season. Have Stabler reintegrate by having to re-enter the police force to help solve a series of crimes relating back to old cases Stabler covered. Most notably I’d have to say season three’s Execution guest starring Nick Chinlund as Matthew Linwood Brodus. Not sure how it would be accomplished, but….

CHARACTERS CHRISTOPHER MELONI Det. Elliot Stabler Law & Order: Special Victims Unit TELEVISION True Blood

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